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Her Story

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Currently in the United States..

25% of American children have absent fathers

Children in America without fathers:

60% African - American 

40% Hispanic 

24% White

Mission & Vision

Assist fatherless women and girls with combating mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical trauma due to being fatherless through the creative arts.

Daddyless Daughter's vision is to be recognized as a nationwide organization that helps fatherless girls and women reconcile, re-empower, and regain control of their childhoods. We will complete this goal by providing a safe place for girls and women to heal individually and collectively with hopes of changing the negative stigma attached to fatherlessness.

What is a daddyless daughter?

Many people believe that being a daddyless daughter is limited to just not knowing who your father is. In reality, being a daddyless daughter takes on more than one form. DDCMD has broken down the ways a person can be fatherless