Jamaya Walker

Jamaya Walker, LMSW born in Richmond, California, is a performance artist, activist, podcast host, author, and social worker. She attended high school at Making Waves Academy in her hometown and graduated from Prairie View A&M University in 2019 with a B. A in English and a minor in Social Work. She published her first book, Unspoken Words from a Daddyless Daughter: A Diary of a Broken Dreamin 2018. The novel is now used as required reading at PVAMU in the English department for selected English courses. Walker recieved her MSW from the University of Houston in May 2021 and is now a licensed master social worker. While at UH she published her second book Pain Pen Power: A Writing and Reflection Journal for Daddyless Daughters.

Despite knowing her biological father she has no relationship with him and lost the man she considered her father in a drug-related death in 2010, when she was 13. Unable to cope with her pain, she turned to spoken word as a positive way to not only deal with her emotions but bring awareness to the importance of father-daughter relationships and the impact absent fathers have on young women. 

Walker made a promise to herself as a young girl that she would always transform her pain of loss, stereotypes, one-sided love, and low self-esteem into power and purpose. She has dedicated her life to helping other young girls and women break “daddyless daughter” stereotypes, heal and find a positive way to channel their hurt through creative arts. 

In 2010 Walker had a vision of creating an organization specifically for daddyless daughters after feeling like no one around her could understand her pain. In 2016, Walker turned her dreams into reality and birthed the brand Daddyless Daughter Inc under her LLC, J&M Walker Enterprise. Daddyless Daughter Inc. brings awareness to the impact absent fathers have on women and provides a safe place through events and seminars for women to come together and discuss and overcome issues rooted in being daddyless. Walker also travels throughout Texas helping incarcerated fathers gain the strength and tools needed to repair their relationship with their daughters.

Walker is on a mission to change her destiny and the fate of girls and women who are given the message that they would only become a statistic. She lives by her famous quote, “Once a girl with scars. Now, a woman with a testimony. On a journey to turn my pain into power and my sorrow into success!” and Jeremiah 29:11.